Creative Brief - Help Us Help You!
This is the very first step towards getting your project off on the right foot. In order for us to effectively approach this project, we need to know all about you and what your goals are.
Giddy Up!
What is your business name?

Yep we already knew that - but it's a rad name anyway!
What name would you like to use for the logo?

Is this any different than the name above?
Do you have a tagline, slogan or motto?

Hook us up with your one liner?
Do you want that included in the design?

What is the core business/mission of the company?

Give us all the details!
Share a single phrase that communicates what makes your company unique.

Who are some alternatives in the market, and how do you differ from them?

Give us 3 or 4 good links to look over...
What is the single most important single character trait of your company? How would you describe your company’s desired personality?

Anything else we should know? Any aspects of your business or cliches that should be de-emphasized or avoided in your brand identity?

Could we have typed a longer question...yes.
Company Info

Tell us about you! Its all about the relationship.

What vibe are you trying to convey with this brand?

Would you prefer something hand lettered or use an altered font? Will there be any secondary marks to acompany the main logo - i.e - monogramed letters for a ball cap etc?
Target Market

Who is your audience, demographic?

List links to things you love - whether it is others work on or even my own. This helps me read your mind!

Any color preferences, etc? What speaks to you for this particular project - list likes, dislike, provide example links via

What keywords best describe your company? What do you want this brand to say about you?

What will this new brand go on?
Thank you for filling out our creative brief! Time to make the Donuts!
Thank You!
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